Services that drive development forward

Mebook is packed with services that trigger development.
They are tailor-made and adjusted to each individual's needs.

Mebook is available in three languages: Swedish, English and Norwegian.

One of the services is push services, which automatically provide the individual with triggers that deal with following up or taking action:

Follow-ups - follow up the goals the individual wants to reach.
Tasks - can be tailor-made to fit what a particular individual needs to work with.
Feed School - for the individual who needs to practise Feeback, Feed Forward and Feed Now.

360 Special - is a unique 360-service where you can easily tailor-make 360-mappings for a particular organization's, development programme's or individual's needs.

Other services support development on a daily basis:
Group management - makes it easy to manage and follow an entire group of individuals, e.g. in a leadership programme.
PBL groups - supoorts peer-to-peer development, where the individuals in a PBL group can follow and support each other.
Followers - invite others to follow and support an individual, e.g. a senior manager.

It is also possible to monitor the development of each individual by using Statistics.