Internal certification

Are there many of you who would like to start to work in the digilog way and support development processes with Mebook and/or Teambook?
Then we can carry out an internal certification at your workplace, and you will get access to your own Mebook and/or Teambook, which you can start to use immediately.
There are many advantages: we can focus on just the processes you would like to support in your line of business, and stick just to your questions - which is a bit different compared to an open certification.

Please contact us at to know more!

Courses and certifications

Team Trainer
A two-day method qualification on team development in practice. You will get the entire toolbox with practical tools, plus tasks and models for efficient team development.

Teambook Certification
A one-day certification qualification for Teambook and how you use it to create a long-term sustainable change for teams. And, a complete Teambook is included!

Mebook Certification
A one-day certification qualification for Mebook, our tailor-made support system for leader development. Learn how to create your own 360s, on-going Follow-ups and Tasks and long-term sustainable coaching and education results.
Your own Mebook is included!

All courses are in Swedish.