38 per cent higher goal completion

A study at Malmö University has compared the difference in goal completion with and without the support of Mebook.
It turned out that the group that used Mebook had 38 per cent higher goal completion than the reference group.
The idea tested here was Fogg Behaviour Model, which states that a high level of motivation and a high ability level is not enough if you want to make behavioural change. You also need "triggers" in the shape of various reminders.

In the study, people had the chance to go to voluntary lectures, where they were motivated and received tips on small changes.
All of them chose their five own behavioural changes they wanted to make during the spring.
Selected randomly, half the group received Follow-ups and tips in Mebook. These had a goal completion of 82.6 per cent after a few months.
The other group, which only had a final assessment, reached 59.9 per cent.

Here you can read the study: http://dspace.mah.se/handle/2043/21280