Teambook supports the team

Mebook is our digital support system for individual development.
Teambook is for groups and teams in the process of development.
Teambook is a unique digital support system for the development of teams - and their results.

Teambook follows and supports behavioural change a management group or workgroup has decided on - and makes sure there is a long-term, sustainable change.
Digitally and over time.

Teambook is packed with services that trigger development.
They are tailor-made and adjusted to the individual needs of each team and task.

Follow-ups - follows up what the team needs to measure
Tasks - can be tailor-made to fit what this particular team needs to work with.
Tips - something for each team member to reflect on.
Feed School - for those who want to establish a strong feedback culture.
The Dialogue - supports trust and openness in all relationships in a team.

Other services support the team on a daily basis:
Share - a mini-forum where all team members can share tips and thoughts.
Today's Praise - inspires a more positive attitude and creates the most welcome mail of the day: "You have been praised!"

As a scientifically validated measurement method, you can also carry out GDQ surveys in Teambook (requires a GDQ licence).

It is also possible to follow the development of the organization by using Statistics.

You will find more about Teambook here: