Follow-ups that drive development

This is the "heart" of Mebook.
To be able - on an on-going basis - to follow up how an individual lives up tohis/her promised areas of development.

With the use of a chosen interval,the individual gets to respond to howhe/she perceive and live up to the promises made and why he/she make that estimation.

This is a clear-cut "trigger" that supports development, simply because it is monitored by others.

When the individual responds to his/her Follow-up, all Followers get to see both the estimation and the justification - and can give immediate response and feedback.

For the one who coaches the individual, this is an amazing tool in order to follow and support the right way.

The questions that are followed-up can be mixed with the ones an entire group works with, for instance in a leadership programme, or perhaps the individual's own goals.
The individual can easily add or delete his/her own goals.