Manage groups in a simple way

Even if Mebook has a strong focus on the individual, managing several individuals at the same time is easy.

Individual development often takes place inside a group of people.
It could be in the form of a training programme, e.g. a leadership programme.
In Mebook it is simple to manage such a group.

You can read in the entire group from an Excel-file, and give them the same services to do in the programme, e.g. Tasks.
Perhaps you want the entire group to follow up certain targets. Then you can add these and let the individual group members complete with their personal goals to be followed up.
360 Special can also be managed group-wise, in the form of both sends and report management.
You can also monitor a compilation of all group members' progress.

The benefit for the individual group member is that he/she can share tips, ideas, files, links and images to the whole group.