Develop a new culture with Feed School

Feed School is a special thing in Mebook:
15 individual Missions connected to Feedback, Feed Forward and Feed Now.

The various Missions in Feed School are individual and are meant to increase a "Feed culture" in the team.
Most of them have substantial in-depth material in the shape of videos, texts and images.

More about Feed School

Feed School has its own dramaturgy - where you take on 15 different Missions.
Each part of Feed School consists of a Mission - to establish the content as an everyday routine.

When a Mission is completed you proceed with a Reflection - which you share with you Followers.
After two days there will be another Mission via e-mail or your app notification.

If two weeks have passed since you received the Mission, there will be a reminder.

A Mission in Feed School

Feedback, feed now and feed forward.
Three concepts that you will see a lot in Feed School.
There are 15 Missions waiting for you, and they have one thing in common: They are meant to increase the well-being - but also the quality and the result - of what you do together with others at work.
Please watch the introductory video before you take on your first Mission!

Your new Mission:
Give praise to at least three people who you work together with in one way or another. Be clear with what you appreciate with them.

When you're done, come back here and say that your Mission is completed.

Reflection question:
What did it feel like to give praise?
Was it difficult to know what you wanted to praise or do you usually look at your colleagues with your "praise glasses" on?

The Missions in Feed School

These are the 15 Missions in Feed School.
Welcome to Feed School!
An introduction to a Mission about giving praise
You're free to ask
The Mission is about asking for feedback
(Almost) everything you wish for can come true
An introduction to Feed Forward, with a Mission about expressing your wishes in a clear way
Find your inner giraffe
In-depth material on non-violent communication and I-messages. Obviously, this Mission is about formulating and sending I-messages.
Do it now - Feed Now
Introduction to the concept of Feed Now - to clarify your feelings in the moment. The Mission is to do just that.
Ask for Feed Forward
A continuation to the Feed Forward work, where the Mission is about asking for tips on how to become even better at something.
You are now halfway
A Mission where you reflect on how things have been going so far in Feed School.
Do you make wise decisions?
A task about turning to other people at work than you normally do.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
A self-reflection task dealing with your behaviours and attitudes.
Take a helicopter ride
With Kolb's spiral of learning as a starting point, here your task is to reflect on success and setbacks.
Escalate your gratitude
A rundown of the "feedback stairs" and practising asking for feedback in a polite way.
Dare to refuse fantasies
A chapter about self-images, meant to point at and clarify possible fantasies at work.
Your future looks bright
About creating your personal development plan.
Do your shoes chafe?
A call to be a bit more brave and deal with job-related conflicts.
Feed is like brushing your teeth
A conclusion, in which you decide to start three new habits - with the support of your colleagues.